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Author: Adam Goulston:

Adam Goulston, PsyD, MS, MBA, MISD, ELS

Adam Goulston, PsyD, MS, MBA, MISD, ELS

Science Marketing Consultant

PsyD, Human and Organizational Behavior

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Best Ways to Avoid Desk Rejection of Your Manuscript

You’ve done your research, written your manuscript (had it edited, right??), and submitted it to your target journal. Almost immediately, you get a reply of “no.”


How Do You Use et al. in Scientific Papers? (with many examples)

In scholarly papers, citation rules definitely have some strange terms. Some aren’t English, and some aren’t words. The term “et al.”, for instance, isn’t an English word. For someone who speaks a non-Latin-origin language, like Japanese or Arabic, it’s especially confusing. This post explains the use of et al. and...

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