AJE Scholar post authors

Adam Goulston, PsyD, MS, MBA, MISD, ELS

Science Marketing Consultant

Human and Organizational Behavior

Alexis Rawls, BS

AJE Author

Marketing and Communications
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Amy Beisel, MA

AJE Author

Latin American Studies
University of Chicago

Amy Dorman, PhD

AJE Author

Molecular Genetics
State University of New York - Albany

Arnold Rogers


Freelance Writer

April Troester, PhD

AJE Author

Duke University

Arsalan Daudi, PhD

AJE Author

University of East Anglia

Ashley Smith, PhD

Senior Academic Illustrator

Pathobiology, Brown University

Ben Mudrak, PhD

AJE Author

Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Duke University

Brandon Jernigan, PhD

Strategic Communications Partner and Operations UX

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bryce Hantla, EdD

AJE Editor

Christian Education
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Casi Newell, PhD


Physical Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Catherine Zettel Nalen, MS

Academic Editor, Specialist, and Journal Recommendation Team Lead

Medical and Veterinary Entomology
University of Florida

Celina Bragagnolo, PhD

Teacher at Washington International School

Philosophy, Stony Brook University

Charla Viera, MS

AJE Author

Library and Information Science
Texas Woman's University

Cheryl Casterline, MA

AJE Author

Clinical Psychology
Marywood University

Chris Showell, PhD

AJE Author

Biomedical Sciences
University of Sheffield

Chrissy Prater, PhD

Process Manager

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins University

Christine Zosche, MS

Academic Editor II

Social Work, Columbia University

Collin Diedrich, PhD

AJE Author

Molecular Virology and Microbiology
University of Pittsburgh

Damian Pattinson, PhD

AJE Author

University College London

Eliza McKowan, MS

Academic Editor II

Earth and Climate Sciences, University of Maine

Elizabeth Sung, PhD

Research Communication Partner II

Biology, Johns Hopkins University

Gareth Dyke, PhD

Director of Global Content

University of Bristol

Geoff Heintzelman, PhD


Organic Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University

Harry Shirley, MSci, PhD

Editorial Development Manager at Nature Portfolio

Chemistry, University of Nottingham

Jacqueline Chretien, PhD, ELS

Academic Editor, Expert

Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California at Berkeley

Jael Perales, MA

Research Communication Partner

Technical Communication, Texas State University

Jeffrey Grigston, PhD, MBA

Principal Data Scientist

Pharmacology and MBA, Duke University

Jeffrey Robens, PhD

Senior Editorial Development Manager, Nature Research Academies

Pharmacology, University of Pennsylvania

Jenna MacArthur, PhD

Academic Editor

Exercise Physiology
University of Florida

Jennifer Kirchhoff, PhD

Academic Editor II

Physics, Florida State University

Jessica Olive, PhD

Academic Editor

Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)

Jessie McDonald, PhD

AJE Author

Yale University

Jodi Harrell, MPA

AJE Author

Master of Public Administration
North Carolina State University

Jody Plank, PhD

AJE Author

Duke University

Jonny Rhein, BA


Writing, Rhetoric, and Literacy, Colorado State University

Katie Heroux, PhD

AJE Author

Inorganic Chemistry
University of California, San Diego

Kayla Naas, MS

Academic Editor

Analytical Chemistry, University at Buffalo, Buffalo

Kelly Sheeran, MA


Communication Disorders, North Carolina Central University

Kimberly Yasutis, PhD

Research Communication Partner II

Cell Biology, University of Virginia

Kurt Spurlock, MA, ELS

Director of Quality

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Laura Stemmle, PhD

Product Director

Biochemistry, Duke University

Carrie Thurber, PhD

Quality Control Editor

Plant Biology, UMass Amherst

Leila Alderman, M.Eng

AJE Author

Architectural Engineering
Pennsylvania State University

Leila Emery, MA

AJE Author

Johns Hopkins University

Lubaina Koti, BS

Scientific Writer

Biomedical Sciences, Coventry University

Lynne Hyman, PhD

Research Communication Partner, Operations Manager

Chemistry, Duke University

Mara Daltabuit, DVM, PhD


Virología Veterinaria, Universidad de Zaragoza

Marek Łaska, M.Sc.

Senior Software Engineer, Technical Lead

Neurobiology, Duke University

Mariel Wolfson, PhD

AJE Author

History of Science
Harvard University

Mark Hahnel, PhD

AJE Author

Stem Cell Biology
Imperial College London

Mary Anderson, MS

Academic Editor II

Ecology, University of California

Michael Bendiksby, PhD

AJE Author

Duke University

Michaela Panter, PhD

AJE Author

Yale University

Michelle Ebbs, PhD

AJE Author

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Johns Hopkins University

Molly Amador, PhD

Academic Editor II & Scientific Script Writer

Marine Biology and Ecology, University of Miami

Paige Hall, PhD


Chemistry, Northwestern University

Patrick Applegate, PhD

Team Manager, Editorial Services

Geoscience, Pennsylvania State University

Pete Marbais, PhD, ELS


English Literature, Kent State University

Peter Gorsuch, PhD

Chief Editor and Product Manager, Scientific Editing, Nature Research Editing Service

Plant Physiology, University of York

Phil Bogdan, MBC

Director of Research at Reach Global Strategies

University of St. Thomas

Ravi Murugesan, MS


Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Rebecca Hendrickson, MS

Academic Editor

Civil/Structural Engineering
University of Minnesota

Robert Fagen, PhD


Biomathematics, Harvard University

Roma Konecky, PhD

Editorial Quality Advisor

Neuroscience, University of Pittsburgh

Sarah Conte, PhD

Senior Research Communication Partner

Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Texas at Austin

Sarah Mudrak, PhD

AJE Author

Duke University

Sheila Vieira, PhD

Academic Translation Advisor II, Customer Success Coordinator

Mechanical Engineering

Shirley Cui, PhD

AJE Author

Peking University

Stacie Meaux, PhD

Senior Scientific Animator, Production Lead

Microbiology, University of Texas Health Science Center

Suja Thomas, PhD

AJE Author

Biomedical Engineering
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Theresa Andersen, PhD

AJE Author

University of Georgia

Theresa Somerville, BA

AJE Author

Regent University

Tim Roth, MTS

AJE Author

Theological Studies
Duke University

AJE Team

The AJE Team

Rebecca Hendrickson, MS

Academic Editor

Civil/Structural Engineering
University of Minnesota

Vanderlei Bagnato, PhD


Physics, USP, UFSCar, MIT

Prof. Ester Sabino, PhD

Associate Professor in the Department of Infectious Diseases at the School of Medicine

Immunology, University of Sao Paulo