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Understanding How Editors Think to Increase Your Chances of Publication

You can increase your chances of publication in peer reviewed journals if you understand how editors think. Here we provide some very candid revelations from one editorial expert who regularly connects with editors of today's leading journals.

by Harry Shirley, MSci, PhD

6 min

Hospital Researchers' binders that are full of successful grant proposals
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How to Write a Successful Grant Proposal

Research budgets are getting tighter. Funding agencies are enforcing stricter guidelines and restrictions. All the while, few researchers receive formal training on how to write effective grant applications. Here we improve your career prospects as a researcher by writing better grant proposals.

by AJE Team

19 min

cartoon piggy bank in a maze to illustrate different choices for meeting publication costs
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5 Ways to Save on Publication Costs

Quality research is expensive but here you will learn 5 ways on how you can save when publishing your article.

by Sheila Vieira, PhD

4 min

an engineering phd student incorporating creativity in her research manuscript
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The Value of Creativity in Research

While most people associate creativity with the arts and sciences, creative approaches can lead to novel ways of advancing research. Learn about the importance of creativity in science and how you can be more creative in your research here.

by Eliza McKowan, MS

4 min

A researcher considering journal selection and indexation for academic articles
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What Is a Journal Index, and Why is Indexation Important?

A journal index, or a list of journals organized by discipline, subject, region and other factors, can be used by other researchers to search for studies and data on certain topics. As an author, publishing your research in an indexed journal increases the credibility and visibility of your work. Here we help you to understand journal indexing better - as well as benefit from it.

by Catherine Zettel Nalen, MS

7 min

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