AJE participates in #FuturePub Raleigh hosted by Overleaf

Global author services provider, AJE had the opportunity to participate in #FuturePub Raleigh that took place this spring. This event was hosted by Overleaf and welcomed a group of six speakers to share about innovations and new services and tools for researchers. Lindsay Miller, AJE’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, attended and spoke on behalf of AJE and Research Square, AJE’s parent company.

“It was such a treat to be a part of #FuturePub Raleigh,” said Lindsay Miller, AJE’s Strategic Partnerships Manager. “It was a great opportunity to share what different organizations across the scholarly publishing, research, and scientific technology industries are working on. We were very happy to be a part of such a great group.”

Ms. Miller discussed author services from AJE, as well as talked about video products for researchers, which are offered by Research Square. Other speakers in attendance included Chris Carson from STEMbrite, Heidi Becker from Digital Science, April Clyburne-Sherin from Code Ocean, Luc Boruta from Thunken, and Vaclav (Vashek) Petras, a researcher who talked about Jupyter.

“Overleaf is excited to bring FuturePub to Raleigh - it’s been a part of the London technology scene since 2014 and we’re excited to see it expand to the Raleigh area,” said Mary Anne Baynes, CMO at Overleaf. “Overleaf is committed to helping global collaborative research through its platform and FuturePub enhances that mission by bringing together other organizations with a common goal to allow them to share their developments with the research, technology and scholarly communities. We appreciate Lindsay being able to speak at our inaugural Raleigh FuturePub and share the work Research Square is doing in the scholarly publishing and collaborative research space.”

Overleaf is a free, collaborative, cloud-based LaTeX editor which makes the process of writing, editing and publishing scientific documents quicker and easier. To learn more about Overleaf, visit their website: www.Overleaf.com, or follow them on twitter at @Overleaf.

About AJE

AJE, a division of Research Square, exists to make research communication faster, fairer, and more useful. Through language editing, academic translation, and our comprehensive suite of author services, we are proud to have supported over half a million manuscripts from researchers in 186 countries since our founding in 2004.

Our team of PhDs, who are former researchers themselves, and publishing industry professionals truly understand the importance of communicating research and results to the world. By helping researchers publish their work more quickly, we accelerate the pace of global discovery and advancement. For more information on our services, the AJE brand, and partnership opportunities, visit AJE.com.

For further information, please contact:

Theresa Somerville

Marketing Communications Manager, AJE

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