AJE releases new, AI driven language assessment tool that saves publishers time during peer review process

AJE has developed and released a new tool that evaluates the quality of English in a manuscript and will designate whether the paper needs language editing. The tool is designed to save publishers time and money by allowing their editorial teams to determine a paper’s need for language editing prior to peer review.

“In addition to working closely with the world’s top publishers and associations, we also work with authors around the world every day and we see language challenges on both sides. It was our goal to develop a tool that provides time savings for publishers prior to peer review, which ultimately allows research to get published faster and communicated more clearly.” - says Laura Stemmle, Product Manager at AJE.

Our language assessment tool was built using sophisticated deep learning AI to assess language quality. The tool was trained on a dataset of over 100,000 papers. From this large dataset of variable quality papers, the model has learned how to score the editing quality of novel papers. By working with publishers, AJE can further optimize the language assessment tool to provide the most value to each publisher/journal/society/association by collecting feedback on desired output and function of the tool. This continuously improving model is preferential to rule-based macro approaches used by many companies.

By reducing the time spent going back and forth on language issues, publishers are able to reduce costs on a per manuscript basis. By working to automate the desk rejection process, reviewers are able to focus on papers that are already in publication-ready english, and editors are able to reduce the time spent on post-acceptance editing.

The language assessment tool is available for publishers, journals, and scholarly associations to trial now. AJE expects to make it available for use with institutions and individual authors later this year. For more information or to explore trial opportunities, please contact Lindsay Miller, Strategic Partnerships Manager, [email protected]

About AJE AJE, a division of Research Square, exists to make research communication faster, fairer, and more useful. Through language editing, academic translation, and our comprehensive suite of author services, we are proud to have supported over 650,000 manuscripts from researchers in 186 countries since our founding in 2004. Our team of PhDs, who are former researchers themselves, and publishing industry professionals truly understand the importance of communicating research results to the world. By helping researchers publish their work more quickly, we accelerate the pace of global discovery and advancement. For more information on our services and partnership opportunities, visit AJE.com.

For further information, please contact:

Alexis Kennedy Rawls Global Marketing Manager, AJE [email protected]

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