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AJE announces the addition of installments as a payment method for Brazil

American Journal Experts (AJE) has announced the addition of installments as a payment option for researchers in Brazil. This expansion will allow researchers to pay for author services from AJE in up to 12 installments. This implementation will better enable researchers to access tools that will help them effectively communicate their work.

This new payment method may be applied to all author services from AJE. AJE offers English language editing, translation, and support for figures and posters. Authors may choose language editing for their research manuscript, abstract, thesis, or grant. AJE’s rigorous quality procedures include matching the author’s paper to an expert editor in the author’s area of study. This ensures that field-specific terminology is used correctly throughout the paper. For abstract services, AJE will edit the author’s abstract to ensure that it meets word count requirements.

Similar to language editing procedures, AJE’s translation service includes having a translator in the author’s area of study translate the submission into a publication-quality research manuscript. Authors may also choose to have figures or a poster prepared by AJE. AJE can provide figure formatting, animated figures, and custom illustrations or graphing to support an author’s manuscript. AJE’s poster preparation service entails using the author’s data and research to lay out a visually appealing poster.

“We are excited to incorporate installments as a part of AJE’s payment methods,” said Alexis Kennedy, Global Marketing Team Manager. “We understand that this is a better payment option for researchers in Brazil and that author services are an important aspect of the strategy that authors use to communicate and share their research.”

You can learn more about AJE’s author services and payment options here.

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